Continuous drying device

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Continuous drying device


The 1. tunnel drying device is characterized by the continuous movement of the material in a trolley in the kiln. In order to improve the drying effect, the hot air and the material trolley are used to reverse the flow.


2. the rotary drying device rotts the tilted cylinder while adding the material into eh for drying.


The 3. revolving shutter type drying device is installed in a rotary drum. The heated air passes through the material layer flowing in the middle of the shutter, and passes through the center of the cylinder. The advantages of this device are good contact between material and hot air, little damage to materials, but it is not suitable for drying adhesive materials.


4. conveyor belt drying device material is installed on the conveyor belt for drying.


5. the fluidized bed drying device in which every dried particle is surrounded by air, the air supports the particles, and the stirring effect makes the temperature in the bed even. Like spray drying, direct combustion air heaters can provide suitable heating measures for almost all materials.





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