What are the key points to be caught in the internal combustion brick?

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(1) blending of internal fuel

When the inner combustion brick is used, mixing work is an important part. When the internal combustion degree is determined by theoretical calculation and small batch firing, the correct mixing amount of internal fuel will affect the main indexes such as heat consumption, roasting speed and product quality, and the calcination can not be carried out seriously.

To ensure the correct blending of fuel, the following should be done:

1, fixed fuel varieties and timely analysis of calorific value through laboratory tests. If necessary, they can be classified and stacked and used together.

2, fixed admixture

3. Fixed blending equipment (tools) and personnel

(2) code kiln car

Because of the fuel in the internal combustion billet, according to the characteristics of the cross section gas flow and heat dissipation, the billet should be thin by the dense channel, the side, the bottom, the top and the middle, so that the heat of each section of the cross section is uniform.

(3) calcination

Because of the heat of the internal combustion brick body and the rapid change of the degree of fire, it is necessary to strictly carry out the roasting responsibility system, watch the firing of the coal, add the small quantity, and often know the dry and wet and internal combustion degree of the body, so that there is a good number of heart. Under normal circumstances, the U type coal injection method can be adopted (both sides are multi cast, and the central part should be less or not).

(4) strengthening scientific managemen




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