How to adjust the temperature imbalance of the dryer

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Drying equipment is to rely on heat source to provide heat to heat the air in the dryer to dry the material in the barrel. In this way, if you want to ensure the working efficiency and efficiency of the dryer, it is necessary to ensure the temperature of the hot air. More intuitionistic is the need to make the drying machine inlet and outlet temperature stable.
Drying machine for different materials for different drying temperature is also different, the general drying machine inlet temperature dryer inlet flue gas temperature: 600~800 degrees, drying machine outlet gas temperature: 80~120 degrees. When the outlet temperature and inlet temperature are too low or too high, the drying efficiency and the quality of finished products will be affected. The temperature control of the dryer is usually monitored and adjusted by the furnace operator with the thermometer.

The way to lower the temperature of the furnace gas is to cut down the air volume of the blower under the furnace, to add less coal, to open the furnace door, to cool the breeze, and to open the cool air valve.

The ways to raise furnace gas temperature include increasing the air volume of the lower blower, discharging slag through the furnace, adding coal and closing the cool air valve. When the amount of coal is added, we should stick to "eat less and eat more". In order to get used to many kinds of production, recently, 1 hot fans in front of the dryer are stepless speed regulating motors, so that the temperature difference between the head and the tail can be conveniently adjusted according to the requirement of the prescription. If this typhoon machine chooses frequency conversion timing motor, the temperature will be controlled by computer, and it will be more and more fast.

In addition to monitoring the temperature of the dryer, the experienced operator can also perform specific operation by looking at the color and dry humidity of the finished product.




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