How to improve parameters of the reheating furnace

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In addition to the requirements of the furnace working parameters (temperature, pressure, atmosphere and gas velocity), the heating process can be realized by the size and position of different ejection ports and exhaust ports in addition to the reasonable organization of combustion.

1. smoke outlet near the bottom of the furnace

It causes the combustion products to leave near the bottom of the furnace, so that the bottom plane of the furnace is easy to keep the small positive pressure needed, and it can also make the combustion products with lower temperature on the workpiece flow out from the exhaust port. From the point of view of heat transfer, because the stroke of the combustion product is U shaped from the upper and the lower to the lower, it can have a long time to release the heat in the furnace and make it slightly higher than the temperature of the workpiece.

2. the exhaust port is arranged on the side of the furnace or the top of the furnace

In the bottom combustion furnace with certain furnace temperature of 700~950 C, it is reasonable to arrange the flue outlet on the furnace side or the top of the furnace. Because of this arrangement, the flame of the burner (burner) can pull the cooler combustion products back to the bottom, and let the dilute gas circulate on the workpiece, which can reduce the temperature of the furnace and make it even.

3. exhaust port is arranged at the bottom of the furnace

In open furnace, in order to prevent the flame from directly spraying into the furnace, the burner is arranged along the tangential direction of the inner wall of the furnace to form a rotating air flow. In order to speed up the rotary motion of the furnace air, and force the air flow near the middle heating area, that is to be near the hanged workpiece, and to prevent the flame spreading angle too large and burn the workpiece, so the expansion structure is often built at the burner (burner) nozzle. When the flame moves around the furnace to the nozzle of the second level burner (burner), under the ejection of its nozzle, it is blended into the lower layer flame and continues to revolve around the furnace. In addition to the rotation of the mainstream annular flow area, there is a vortex zone in the furnace center. The direction of the air flow in the furnace is related to the position of the exhaust port. If the smoke outlet is located in the center of the furnace, the rotating circulation will be in the center. This will facilitate the heating uniformity of the workpiece hanging in the middle position.

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